Advocacy means to be a promoter actively advocate the cause of someone else.
in the field of public health, advocacy is the strategic use of information and other resources (economic, political, etc.) to change collective and individual political decisions and behaviors in order to improve the health of individuals or communities. Advocacy consist in changing the outcomes of public policies or allocation decisions that have a direct impact on people's lives.

Activities organized in an advocacy project:

  • Board Meeting with Kol
  • Draw up a Document with Stakeholders
  • Presentation of CME Event
  • Publication of the Event/Congress Acts
  • Publication of a Scientific article on a specialized Journal

Integrated projects

The integrated project is a composite project, characterized by a set of multiple actions and characterized for both aspects of innovation in the design and implementation.
3P Solution aims to offer customers a unique package of integrated turnkey services. We can understand the real needs and adequately address the service not only through the CME event, but through a multi-platform approach that ranges from the event to scientific publications, advocacy and media.